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7 Secrets No One Tells you about How to be a Successful Blogger!

You often wonder about how to become successful blogger in your niche? Well I have been in the blogging business for eight years now and now I can say with confidence that when it comes to successful blogging it needs perseverence. It takes time and dedication and care of a newborn baby to make your blog successful. You need to have serious passion and the hunger for good quality content that helps reader or rather guide!

Being a successful blogger isn’t just a dream of many new bloggers but it is a very real and do-able task that needs careful consideration of many aspects of it.

Want to be a successful blogger – Have a Plan!

Being a successful blogger needs a roadmap. Have you ever had wonderful ideas and later on as you get busy you just forget them and cannot think of them. If you want to run a blog that’s a great idea but remember that takes a lot of time! It is good to start with a plan as in when will you start, how many posts you want to publish? It is wise to have a calendar planned for your monthly assignments and posts.

Pen down your thoughts!

Write each point and topic you will want to write of, carefully figure out the details and have each thought, resources and promotional channels you will be using in your strategy!

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Digital Strategy

Yes! this is 2019 and if you do not have a hold on the social media channels you want to get that sorted. How will you be promoting on these channels? Think of your strengths and weaknesses in this field and do your research of the impact of social media in your blogging promotion!

Remember that content goes viral via infinite medium so it has to be picture perfect if you are serious about becoming a successful blogger!

This is something you either do yourself or take help from a paid source to begin with. But in the long run it is good to know all the essential elements of digital marketing stuff sorted out!

Money In – Money Out

You have to feed the cow to milk it! Umm ook lets say it in a more simple form. You always should consider some investment before your blogging plan takes off! In the beginning you should consider buying a domain and hosting! If you have a long term plan and know that this is something that you want to continue with then this will be a crucial step. It will help you get all your content sorted and will help you in getting good quality indexing in google SERPs. It will also allow your blog to get monetized after you have spend a good amount of time on it and have shared really juicy content for your reader. Remember that content is king for google at this point of time so all you should be worrying about is that how much research and financial considerations you should be looking at.

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Once you are sorted with above process. You will then be ready to move on to next and be a part of the successful bloggers global community!

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Content is King!

If you are writing small pieces with no back-linking/outbound links/inbound links then it is of little value to google bots. You want to provide as much as linking in your content. It shows google that you are resourceful for the readers. Sounds good? Yeah! At the same time you want to post your content in all the right places to get maximum backlinking. This will also help you develop an authority! It shows google that you are writing for some serious business and google then might consider you an “authoritative” blogger as in a normal language you can say “genuine” blogger!


Many novice writers take competition as a hard hitting word! However it is not. Competition is healthy it keeps you on your toes to provide the best information to your valuable readers. Keep an eye on competitors (well, first you find out who they are) and track their work not to replicate but to understand how people are reacting to certain topics , figure out the missing pieces and complete the puzzle with your writing. That’s it! This is another important part to take care of if you wish to be a successful (fashion) blogger.

Responding to your followers!

Always always always send replys to your followers! Enough said here. You know how we feel when someone doesn’t return our calls and messages right?

Have faith & love for your content. Do your research well, write things down (it always helps in along the journey and always have an exit plan ready in mind (just to keep yourself on safe side)!

Happy Blogging! I wish you all the best in your blogging journey

Love & Light

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